Birthday Parties!

You may have seen us doing musical story telling at the Kids Fringe Festival, the Orlando Science Center, the Orange County Public Libraries, or at a Homeschool group around town. But how about having us customize a story for your child on his/her birthday?

We'll customize a story hour for the birthday boy/girl including drums and percussion for everyone to play long, songs that your child specifically loves to hear, and more.

It's a cross between entertainment, play, collaboration, and ritual. Nothing makes your special one feel more special.

Birthday Party Feedback

“Amazing Mark. Amazing. It was awesome. You're so patient and have so much fun with these kids. You're also fantastic as gauging when they need to move around to avoid chaos. Lol. It was awesome.” Dena Santiago (Lea's 5th Birthday)

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the work you are doing with children....wish we could have someone like you in our lives when we were little kids!” - Catherine Maynard, Drummer

“Thank you, everyone really enjoyed the drum circle. They were talking about it the rest of the party.” - Roxanne (Grandmother of Liam the Lion - Age 3)